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The Woo-Woo Report

Feb 22, 2019

Essential oils based on your zodiac sign, sustainable sage and a ghost story.

Today's guest is Cierra, who is a Pisces and owner of the online shop Craftycake.

"Craftycake aims to create health & beauty products that serve a higher purpose and allow you to connect with your inner beauty and wellness. We have worked with herbalists, astrologers, cultural gurus, and wellness professionals to research and curate the best top quality ingredients and formulas, always ethically sourced and made with love. Harnessing the healing power of crystals, essential oils, and herbs we've created a lineup of natural wellness products that we are truly proud of and can't wait to share with the world!"


Craftycake shop

Craftycake Instagram 

Shop the essential oil diffuser mentioned in this episode here*.

*This link is an affiliate link.  I make a commission off the sale at no additional cost to you. 

Nicole Burron is on Instagram @nicoleburron. She is a medium and empath who does tarot, oracle, palm and astrology readings remotely and in Portland Oregon. 

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