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The Woo-Woo Report

Mar 1, 2019

Today's guest is my dear friend Meagan, who is a Leo sun, Virgo rising and Sagittarius moon.  She is currently on her witchy journey after I gently made her aware she's an empath.   

We discuss how we found our goddess guides from a book we Amazon Primed.  The various signs they gave us, our spiritual connection to them and of course we end with a ghost story.

 I know life gets busy and don't get me wrong, I love having the option to Amazon Prime books but if you prefer a physical book to kindle format and are able to visit your local book shop please do!  Otherwise you can purchase Find Your Goddess here*. 

Brigid video about the Irish 8th Amendment: 

Goddess and spiritual gift store my Saraswati statue for my altar are from that Meagan got me for a holiday gift: ETSY Store

Nicole Burron is on Instagram @nicoleburron. She is an intuitive medium who does oracle readings that focus on connecting with your spirit guides and incorporating your unique natal chart to deliver you clear messages from the spirit realm and cosmic support from the stars.
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Nicole Burron is on Instagram @nicoleburron. She is a medium and empath who does tarot, oracle, palm and astrology readings remotely and in Portland Oregon. 

Have a mystical question you want answered?  Drop an e-mail at: